Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ember's Birthday present : Princess and the Pea Quilt

Janet speaking : This was a really neat project that was really easy. I got the idea from a Land of Nod blanket I saw in a magazine. In the end I loved mine much better than the one I saw! That's what I love about being Home-Made-Home.:-) Above I was laying out the different colored " mattresses".

Here I'm working on embroidering the princess. I traced her with pencil from one of my own drawings.

The finished princess. I made her hair reddish to match little Ember's.l also made lazy daisies all over the quilt instead of tying it.

The bed frame is also embroidered. I love the way the bed skirt turned out ; I found a ruffled piece of lace in my scrap box that worked just right.

The finished quilt. There are some funny shadows in this photo but I think you will be able to see what it looks like. I used lots of different fabrics and textures: velvet, satin, rickrack, lace. Ember loves fingering it and seems especially happy with the SOFT fleece backing. 
To see more of my original embroidery check out my sewing board at

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