Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Around the Farm.

This summer is keeping us so busy ! One of our biggest projects has been keeping up with the tomato  harvest. We have been canning tons of salsa as well as chopped tomatoes. As you can see in the pictures the whole family has been getting in on the act :-) .

Our big helper.

Open wide,Daddy!

We have some huge,beautiful sunflowers this year. Some of the flower heads are a foot across! The girls are eager for them to  ripen so they can help toast them.

Our stand of heirloom popcorn is doing well. Now, if we can just keep the racoons out until it's ready to pick...

A few weeks ago we went to a you-pick blue berry farm and came home with full bellies, blue faces, and seven gallons of berries to can and eat this winter.

Ember is kissing her little cousin, Logan.

This is one of several arbors on our place. It is so pretty right now with the trumpet vine and rose of Sharon in bloom that it just had to go on the blog.:-) 

"Rattlesnake" heirloom pole beans ready to take to the farmer's market.

Above; the results of a busy day of canning.  Below; the girls gloating over the first egg their new chicken laid.Esther loves to check the eggs with her little basket.

Cucumbers just before canning.

Sweet kisses from a happy little girl.if that doesn't make life worth living, what does?

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