Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Baby shower

* Hello everyone! Here is a blog I've wanted to post for some time now. No photos from the farm this time, but all the hand-made and make-do fun in this post is well in keeping with what Home-Made-Home is all about. Plus, I managed to slip in some product pictures ; ) Thanks for following! - Janet.*

Several months back I threw a baby shower for my friend Atlanta and her baby, Marian. Her sister in law and I had both agreed on a vintage theme and here are some of the fun and pretty ideas we came up with:
The banner was easy to make. I cut out circles of plain, white paper and wrote the individual letters on them with a calligraphy pen. Then I pinned the letters, along with bunches of baby's breath, my baby booties,and some antique baby dresses I scored for a dollar a piece at a junk store to a length of thin rope with mini peg clothes pins. Ta-da! Gorgeous banner.

We had fun using stuff we already had to further the old fashioned/ baby girl theme. Here, we just tucked some tiny flowers into the tea set we borrowed from my girls for the day. We also rounded up lots of old linen and lace, like the handkerchief in this picture.

Sweet baby! She was so good for the whole shower, but when it came time for a picture, she decided she'd had about enough!

We brought an old rocker and handmade quilts to make a comfortable spot for the guests of honor to sit while opening gifts.

The decorations for the refreshment table turned out to be my personal favorites. Glass bottles and brass candle-sticks from my collections paired with a miniscule perambulator that was fixed with scraps of fabric and lace, a lace handkerchief, and tiny blooms. Candle light makes everything special.

 One of Atlanta's friends had made this adorable garland for her and we just had to reuse it along the edge of the gift table.:-) 

Instead of having a game, we had a special activity for all the guests to join in. Above is the "blessing tree". Everyone was instructed to write a special blessing, prayer, or scripture for little Marian on one of the tags we passed out and then hang it on the tree. By the time we finished, the tree was blooming with blessings! The tags will go into a scrapbook as a keepsake for Marian when she is older.

There were so many lovely gifts. I decided to give a stuffed toy horse and crocheted wool ball from the Home-Made-Home shop( animals are $8.and the Ball is $12.). I find a lot of joy in giving things I have made with my own hands. So many kind thoughts and prayers just naturally go out for the person you are thinking of while you make the gift, and that is what makes it truly special.

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