Friday, November 14, 2014

Paint Rock Valley Music Festival

We've been wanting to get this blog out for awhile! This September our family enjoyed getting to be at the Paint Rock Valley Lodge music festival. It was three days of a whole lot of fun!

The Lodge and grounds are covered up with signs of every kind, as you can see.

Some are funny.

 Some are true.

And some just make you go "wha-?" :-) 

There is an "old western town" constructed out back of the lodge where all kinds of fun was going on. Dustin was the town blacksmith for the event. 

Shown above is a "step-by-step" photo showing each step of the process for making a forged leaf key ring, one of Dustin's popular pieces.

Dustin, Lilly, and Ember enjoying one of the cowboy "shoot outs". There where several of these staged throughout the weekend.

Esther enjoyed meeting Cheyenne, the equine member of the River chase posse( the groop that did the shoot outs) She even got a ride:-) 

There were good eats.

Fun and creative crafts.

Great music( three stages all weekend!).

And tons of family fun.

We've been coming to this festival since Esther was a baby and we sure love it! Hopefully the old blacksmith shop will see us in Paint Rock Alabama again!