Saturday, August 22, 2015

Our First Garden in Arkansas.

Our first garden at our new homestead has been more of a success than we could have expected. We have been enjoying fresh produce, canning some and even bringing veggies to the local farmer's market regularly, something we have been wanting to get involved in for years! Here are some pictures we hope will give you an idea of our little patch. We hope to expand it by a lot next year!

The view from the front yard. As you can see it is raised beds, mostly rotted hay bales from our nice nieghbor's cattle pastures :-) 

Green beans


This heirloom corn, Yellow Jarvis, has been in Dustin's family for more than thirty years! This little patch is mainly for seed for next year .

Ahhh... the joys of a summer mellon-patch!

'' Yummy, we can't wait to cut it!"

View from the road. We see a lot of rubber necking as folks drive by, people love a garden! What can we say? :-) 

Selfie with the baby!

Some shots from the latest farmer's market, fresh herbs have been a good seller.

Home-Made-Home,what's in the future for you? We can't wait to see!