Monday, February 26, 2018

A homeschool day in the life... with a 8,7,5,2, and one year old.

I actually wasn’t planning on posting in this year’s  link up with Simple Hameschool blog’s “ Homeschool Day in the Life” for a few reasons; 1. I have barely blogged at all in the past year because of technical difficulties with getting my photos to load and I didn’t think this would be any different, and 2. Homeschooling isn’t the main focus of this blog, though it’s a big part of our lives. 

So what happened? Why am I sitting here typing this up? Well for one thing, I figured out a way to get some photos to upload, and, while a ton of my recent pictures are still unavailable for use on this space, I was able to take some this morning that I could actually use! And once I realized making a post was actually a possibility I got thinking about how nice it is to be able to look back from year to year on what we were doing and see how things are growing and changing in our family’s life. So I said, what the hey, I’m going for it!

 This post is about a real day (today) and I did try to stick to a pretty typical schedule, except that we needed to go to town to mail some Etsy shop ( orders so we hurried through some of our morning lessons a bit. We start the day with Me and my husband getting up and getting our tea and coffee so we can have a bit of quiet time before the kids all wake up- but, as often happens, both of the little boys end up getting up with us. The girls trickle out from their room as we finish our morning beverages and we remind a few of them to get dressed or go back and make their beds, though most of the time they remember to do this morning chore themselves now.      

Once everybody is up and has had some hugs and a little time to play, I tell them to get what they need for quiet time. They run to get books, a doll, their crochet or something else they can do while sitting quietly. I put on a CD , usually scripture songs, praise, or something instrumental like classical or Celtic music to let them know quiet time has started. The rules are to sit quietly, not to touch or bother your neighbor, and to ask if you need to get up for the bathroom ( just so mom knows why someone is popping up ). We used to have quiet time just to teach the kids how to hold still for when they would need to, but now we want them to learn to treasure a quiet start to the day, so we started allowing them to bring something they enjoy doing while they have their quiet time.
This all lasts about a half hour while I make breakfast, usually something hot and hearty to keep us going through the morning. This morning it’s biscuits and scrambled eggs ( the chickens are getting busy again!).



 After breakfast we  tidy up and then we gather to start our morning lessons. We say a prayer, sing a few songs , then work on our scripture for the week. We spend some time working to commit it to memory with verbal work, then we practice our hand writing with the same verse.
Mondays  are our day for handwriting, but we actually get more in throughout the week when we do our notebooking for other subjects. On other days of the week we use this morning time to do U.S. geography, poetry,  or other subjects, but we always sing and practice saying our verse at morning  time.

While the the third and second grader are working on handwriting, I spend time helping kindergartener Ember with some of her own work. She has a set of Rod and Staff kindergarten workbooks  she is going through and she also is learning her alphabet , working on a new letter each week. This week is “Oo” .    

Hard at work! I’ve seen so much progress with handwriting for both my big girls once we made it a regular thing.  

We just try to keep these little guys happy however we can ! Conagher wants to be a part of it all and he enjoys being present during our time together at the table, sometimes he gets pretty loud but we just try to work around it or distract him. 

One of Ember’s daily tasks is to decide what weather gnomes to set out for the day, today was a sunny one, and we also set out our winter season gnome since spring isn’t quite here yet. We have been making a new gnome for each season this year and she loves it! I feel like it’s a great way to learn and be aware of the weather and the changing seasons

“O o” is for owl and orange! The chalkboard wall sure comes
in handy! 

Next we move on to either Science or History, these are group subjects that  I read aloud and then the children notebook  about what they learned.  We end up doing each of these subjects  twice a week and we are making great progress with this technique this year. We also use our note books for storing their handwriting and any other projects. It’s the first year we’ve used the three ring binders for our notebooks and it is a definite improvement!

Today is History. We’ve been using mostly living books for our early  American history study. This one is called “a pioneer sampler “ and I like that it’s a story about a pioneer family, but also has great historical notes at the end of each chapter and lots of good illustrations. My mom read this one to me and my siblings so it’s been fun reading it with my kiddos,  too!

After we are done with history, it almost noon and we hurry off to town. We hit the post office , grocery store and a few other stops, including the library to make this week’s math worksheet copies. We check out Goodwill on the way home and I score a skirt, book on tide pools ,and a CD titled “ tea time classics”  all for 50% off.

When we get back it’s getting late, but the big girls squeeze in some math work while I put away the groceries. Then we’re done for the day. Supper is very snack-ish and then we just chill (and I work on this blog!) while Dustin attends a local volunteer fire department meeting. Some days are more productive school-wise, but I’m happy with this one. I’ll try to finish reading ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ this evening for the girl’s  bedtime story. Then hopefully  I’ll have something nice and hot to drink while I dig into that library book I grabbed for myself ( Its totally YA fiction and I  admit I’m  far from ashamed 🤓😄).

Signing off,
Sleepy but happy mom.


  1. I, too, read YA fiction. :)

    Your family is darling, and I'm totally jealous of that chalkboard wall!

    1. Thanks so much! That wall was the best thing I’ve done since moving into this house, I do believe!

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment! :) I agree, you seem like someone I would be friends with! :)
    Your homeschool day sounds great! I love your weather gnomes! Such a fun idea!

    1. Awww...😊. You made me smile! The gnomes were super easy to make- just cheap eco-felt hot glued to peg dolls from hobby lobby!

  3. I love the quiet time in the morning! I used to have more built-in periods of quiet time during the day, but as the kids have gotten older it hasn't been as practical. Overall though, your day sounds very much like mine. I work on different subjects with them on different days of the week and nothing is super scheduled. :)

    1. I think it takes a lot of pressure off the mom when she decides not to try to cover every subject every day! I treasure not being overly scheduled, too. I feel like we need structure, but if I over-plan I get discouraged.

  4. I like YA fiction too! You are not alone in that.

    I love the quiet morning time, and the purpose behind it. I need quiet more than my kids do. Maybe something like this would help them appreciate it more, especially if they got to work on something fun.

  5. Bringing something they enjoy has definitely helped my bunch- it’s not picture perfect but it is working!