Saturday, March 4, 2017

Welcome, Aengus!

Hello to all of our friends! It's been awhile since we have posted,and we are super excited to come back to this space with the announcement of our new baby's birth! Say hello to Aengus Mountain Morgan!

Isn't he a sweet little chubby thing? He was over a pound heavier than any of our other babies at close to nine lbs., but we were blessed with a safe and beautiful home birth just the same.

Chilling with new baby brother. We didn't know what he was going to be before he came, and so we were super excited to find we had another boy! It's evening-up around here! :)

One of the birth announcement photos we took right after he was born. The beautiful quilt was sewn by Janet's Mom. She has made a special baby blanket for each of the children when they were born.

He loves his baby brother! No jealousy here! We are so happy with how Conagher has reacted to baby's arrival.

We got them all in one picture! He's nearly two weeks old and so glad we didn't wait any longer to get this shot. Was just talking with a friend about how it seems like the more little ones you have the more you savour every little stage because you KNOW, from experience, just how fast the time does fly.

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