Monday, June 30, 2014

How does the garden grow? - Beautifully!

Our garden is growing so fast! It seems like just yesterday we were plowing and now look at it ! The pop corn is already almost three feet high!

And the flowers! It seems there are flowers everywhere. As soon as one variety fades, another begins to bloom.Who says a working farm need not be beautiful?

 There are flowers in the herb garden, too. The Echanacia really did well this year. Below are some of the small but lovely flowers of St. John's Wort.

Let's head across the creek to the bigger garden, there is a lot going on over there!

Look at all those vegetables! That wheelbarrow will be loaded down with them soon, Lord willing.

Will you be kosher dill ? sweet? bread and butter? The possibilities are delectable!

Pole beans.

Banana peppers.

This kind of trellis for tomatoes is something new we are trying this year. It's very simple, just place the river cane poles well into the ground around the plant , then tie together at the top. You then tie support strings around the plant at intervals ,tying to canes as you go to hold the plant inside. We laid poles along the top for a bit of added stability, but it's not really a must. So far this method is working great.

Yellow squash.

Such a pretty view to a homesteader's eye. We see the rows of plants, but we also see the hours of labor, the blessing of sun and rain,and the hope of a bountiful harvest.  We see food on the table, on the pantry shelves and boxes of goodness to send home with friends and family.

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