Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Our Homestead

 Home sweet home! Welcome to our humble abode. Our home is solar powered and we have gravity flow spring water. No power lines, no bills! what a great way to live!

 This is our garden shed in our main garden plot. We grow all heirloom veggies and are producing 50% of our own food at this point. We want to grow even more! We have also started selling select seeds from our gardens . Be watching for future posts about our seeds!

 The larger building is our shop. It is Home-Made-Home's home base. The smaller building is -yes, an outhouse, but it's the cutest one you will ever see!

A pretty view of our garden fence and rosebush. Dustin does round log construction, and built the fence.

The entry to our summer kitchen. We cook with wood, and having a summer kitchen keeps the house much cooler. Plus it is amazing to eat out doors!


This is my herb garden. The arch is an upside down fork from a cedar tree. Most of the ingredients for my herbal products come straight from here! 

So that was the quick tour! You will be seeing lots more in future!

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  1. I just found your blog today! Your farm is so pretty and green. Look forward to reading about your adventures.